Torrance Probate Real Estate Specialist

Xavier and Xavier – RE/MAX Estate Properties is your local City of Torrance and Greater South Bay Real Estate Specialists for Inherited 1-4 Unit Properties. We specialize in assisting Probate Administrator list and sell their Torrance inherited real estate going thorough the Probate Court Process.  


Probated Real Estate Sales can be a complicated matter that demands a real estate team that thoroughly understands the intricacies of the process and has meticulous attention to detail.

Our experience at Xavier and Xavier spans many years of consistent involvement in every tier of a probate sale. You can rely on us to grasp and understand the parameters of the Probate Code and the Court System to expedite your sale as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our goal is to get you the highest price for the estate home in the least amount of time, with minimal complications.

Now is not the time to hire a traditional real estate agent. Work with a Torrance Probate Real Estate Specialist.

Most traditional REALTORS® are not versed in the intricate details of Probate transactions. Probates can be a complicated legal matter that requires a team like Xavier & Xavier. Our team has the expertise and resources to sell the estate home for the highest price, in the least amount of time, utilizing a pro-active marketing plan and without complications to you and your family. By handling these details for you, you can focus on your many other responsibilities as the Personal Representative/Administrator.


Xavier & Xavier also has a "cash out" program where you can sell your Torrance House "AS IS" with no need for repairs.

This may be the best option if our probate property is in poor condition and it doesn't make sense for the estate to pay for the overhaul necessary to make the house presentable for the local Torrance retail market. If the estate needs immediate cash and/or the house is in bad shape, learn more about selling fast. As a Torrance probate real estate specialist, our fiduciary duty is to get the most money for the estate.
Our goal, first and foremost, is to educate you and your family on your options so that you can make the most informed decision.

sam-xavier-authorABOUT THE AUTHOR

A 12 year real estate veteran, Sam Xavier has sold over 200 houses in his illustrious real estate career and  provides peerless service as a Torrance probate real estate specialist. As the trusted expert in Torrance trust, probate and estate property sales,  he is adept at overcoming hurdles that come up during complicated real estate transactions such as probate. To sell the estate home in the most efficient and dignified manner, call Sam at 310-356-4256 or send him an e-mail.


torrance-house-valuationWhat is the Torrance estate home really worth in today's Market? » Find out now.


We have options to sell your Torrance Probate property for Top Dollar and do a full remodel and list on the Multiple Listing Service! Visit our Estate Home Options above for all the details.