South Bay Estate Trust Sales

Xavier and Xavier – RE/MAX Estate Properties is your Greater South Bay Real Estate Specialists for Inherited 1-4 Unit Properties in a Family Trust. We specialize in assisting the Executor of the Estate list and sell their inherited South Bay Real Estate.  


When it comes to South Bay Estate Trust Sales, not all REALTORS® are created equal.

Family Homes that have been owned for decades or even generations can be a complicated matter that demands a real estate team that thoroughly understands the intricacies of the process and has meticulous attention to detail. Our local, compassionate professionals at Xavier & Xavier can handle your probate property sale so that you can rest assured that the house is sold for top dollar in the least amount of time, with minimal complications.
As experts in South Bay Estate Trust Sales, our specialty is liquidating the real estate portion of the estate, before the assets are depleted by the costs necessary to maintain it. Xavier & Xavier understands the many responsibilities that come with winding down the earthly affairs of your loved one. This includes the sale of the real property attached to the estate. Our mission is to help you sell the biggest asset in the estate so that you and your family can resolve your obligations and move on to build better memories. You can reduce the stress and focus on your other responsibilities knowing that the sale is handled by a real estate team that thoroughly understands the intricate details of South Bay Estate Trust Sales.

Every situation is different, and we don't take a one sized fits all approach when it comes to South Bay Estate Trust Sales. We have a "CASH OUT" program where our investors can purchase the house quickly in "AS IS" condition.

Many families decide to accept an all cash offer on the estate home so that they can get immediate liquidity and the emotional release of knowing they can move on. Taxes, attorney fees, utilities, mortgage payments and other urgent expenses must be paid in a probated estate, yet oftentimes, the estate home suffers from deferred maintenance. For all of these reasons, Xavier & Xavier provides a cash out program to purchase the South Bay estate home for cash with NO need for repairs and NO commissions. » LEARN MORE ABOUT SELLING QUICKLY

sam-xavier-authorABOUT THE AUTHOR

A 12 year real estate veteran, Sam Xavier has sold over 200 houses in his illustrious real estate career and  provides peerless service as an expert in South Bay Estate Trust Sales. He is adept at overcoming hurdles that come up during complicated real estate transactions such as probate. To sell the estate home in the most efficient and dignified manner, call Sam at 310-356-4256 or send him an e-mail.


torrance-house-valuationWhat is the South Bay estate home really worth in today's Market? » Find out now.


We have options to sell your South Bay Probate property for Top Dollar and do a full remodel and list on the Multiple Listing Service! Visit our Estate Home Options above for all the details.